Tuesday, 1 September 2009

A Westerly kick in the balls! : Cornwall chaos

I had a feeling somehow the evening before that the day could turn into a shocker, sat at Marazion watching great stunt ramps roll through-which i expected would disappear overnight-but with no wind on the inside in SW'ly at that time. Sunny and strong wind for most of the day, sounds great no?! But the day conspired against us and I don't think anyone scored much! -aside from a gusty but superb flat water day at Maza. Anyone chasing waves was stuffed! It goes to show things don't always go to plan, and not to always believe what you hear about conditions you missed, or be too miffed when you think you might be missing a good day when actually not much is happening!

Andy and I scoured beach after beach for 4 hours, including one south coast reef that i'm gagging to sail at some point when i'm around and its working!...the excitement of a potential epic session fading into frustration! The decent swell on its way to the Cornwall north coast was made quickly unsailable and unsurfable by the W winds, with logo high sets of white-water coming through at Hayle turning very onshore and light through the rippy impact zone! We would have been up at Daymer Bay getting whatever wind and waves came through if it wasn't for the A30 grinding to a standstill. Stuffed by the tides, wind and swell directions and now also the monumental bank holiday weekend traffic including a caravan accident! (What would Jeremy Clarkson say if he was a windsurfer...haha)

Dejected and 'over-it' I pulled into the M&S car park to get a coffee. It nearly tipped me over the edge as there was more road rage building in there doing laps and snatching the spaces! The radio reported the M5 was not doing well and as I approached Exeter i heard the A303 was getting stuck, so going south coast near southampton was my move of the day! My last day of 2 weeks holidaying it in cornwall and time to get organised for my move to Bath and imminent PGCE. I felt for those queued up 20 miles on the M5 for upto 6 hours! My journey was smooth and quick other than one near miss where some nutter driving his family home flew past up the inside lane just as the guy in front of me finally decided to pull in...

I cleared my head and thought back to a soulful session a week previous where i had Gwithian on my own for the last hour of light in perfect side-off with some of the cleanest waves i've ridden. On 5.0 and 85, head high and walling up so long and well. And that came from no-where as for the hour previous we were out it was closing and too light, so you just never know when it's gonna go off really do you!

Bring on next weekend's national windsurfing festival; it'll be epic whatever the weather but hopefully with some strong wind day and night too please!
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