Saturday, 8 May 2010

boardseeker write-up link

Use the link above to check out Steve King's nice little boardseeker write-up of a great session at Godrevy where many sailors from all over ripped it up all day long in the sunshine.

Monday, 3 May 2010

Gwithian /Godrevy action yesterday

What a nice result for the bank holiday weekend... sun, wind and waves!

Sunday proved to be the best day going from 15 upto around 18 knts by late afternoon. Small but fun and the cool north-north easterly wind didnt feel cold at all with such powerful sun and around 10 degrees C air and sea. Powered up on the new 5.2 Rock and Quad 81 i got a few decent waves and some jumping was on too. So good... Everyone was pretty much on it all day! Knackered!

Mathew Burridge has an album (copy the link above) featuring the many that enjoyed the session, i've also got a few from the day so watch this space...

Bath Windskate

During such a generally windless and waveless autumn '09 - spring '10 it was nice to come out of the cold! With a flat sea and lots of work to get done during week two of my Easter holidays at least it had got warm and sunny! Getting on the rowing machine in the back garden kept me sane... Once again time to pack my life-belongings in my car and head back to Bath.

My new sails had arrived which i picked up on my way, and inspired by my friend Charlie who's into his photography and happens to live in a very scenic part of town, on that large and slightly hungover weekend two weeks ago i couldnt resist seeing what the new Rock was like for myself.

photos: Charlie Ranscombe

Monday, 5 April 2010

porthtowan mini stunt session 20th march

happy easter!
Loads of snow out here in France- unreal, april 5th, felt more like january today. A last-minute call to come out here for the week was actually quite tricky given cornwall's somewhat epic forecast, and seemingly after the whole winter of no sizeable swells i was just as keen to head there, but coming out here one maybe 2 weeks a year is pretty special...And half a dozen rides from the top traverses of steep deep powder joy wasnt a bad alternative!

Shots here from Jonny Samuel, on a stormy day at Porthtowan. Steve King and I made the best of what was around on a difficult call for spots with the wind/wave directions that day.

Some number of weeks before this session i'd made it down to score two days good surfing. On the penultimate day of the school term i sneaked in a dusk session around bournemouth, side-on 4.7 full power with chest high ramps, but it quickly went too rippy with the incoming tide and the heavens opened with some serious rain/hail! I realised why my hands were aching as it had plumetted to 3 degrees never mind NW'ly wind chill.

Thursday, 7 January 2010

the rush, the chill

happy new year!

plenty of wind and waves for UK in 2010 please...

2 weeks holiday in france was a beautiful thing... mostly
very cloudy, foggy, only patches of good visibility - even rain for a day at 1800m while it was sub zero back in blighty! - but with reasonably good snow throughout, eventually it dumped proper for the last few days and gave clear blue skies. One first-tracks run just below the peak (from the other side of the ridge above) with one other guy supplied the buzz that was the trip highlight. 20 seconds of flying around big turns full speed over steep powder... What is it about these sports where just that short time of intensity is worth all of whatever happens the rest of the time...

Still there is never any time for anyone to bother taking shots, especially when it's that good! These are from a previous new year
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