Monday, 5 April 2010

porthtowan mini stunt session 20th march

happy easter!
Loads of snow out here in France- unreal, april 5th, felt more like january today. A last-minute call to come out here for the week was actually quite tricky given cornwall's somewhat epic forecast, and seemingly after the whole winter of no sizeable swells i was just as keen to head there, but coming out here one maybe 2 weeks a year is pretty special...And half a dozen rides from the top traverses of steep deep powder joy wasnt a bad alternative!

Shots here from Jonny Samuel, on a stormy day at Porthtowan. Steve King and I made the best of what was around on a difficult call for spots with the wind/wave directions that day.

Some number of weeks before this session i'd made it down to score two days good surfing. On the penultimate day of the school term i sneaked in a dusk session around bournemouth, side-on 4.7 full power with chest high ramps, but it quickly went too rippy with the incoming tide and the heavens opened with some serious rain/hail! I realised why my hands were aching as it had plumetted to 3 degrees never mind NW'ly wind chill.

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