Thursday, 7 January 2010

the rush, the chill

happy new year!

plenty of wind and waves for UK in 2010 please...

2 weeks holiday in france was a beautiful thing... mostly
very cloudy, foggy, only patches of good visibility - even rain for a day at 1800m while it was sub zero back in blighty! - but with reasonably good snow throughout, eventually it dumped proper for the last few days and gave clear blue skies. One first-tracks run just below the peak (from the other side of the ridge above) with one other guy supplied the buzz that was the trip highlight. 20 seconds of flying around big turns full speed over steep powder... What is it about these sports where just that short time of intensity is worth all of whatever happens the rest of the time...

Still there is never any time for anyone to bother taking shots, especially when it's that good! These are from a previous new year

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