Friday, 18 December 2009

4 new fins ruled Woolacombe and Porthcawl magic

Porthcawl SWA PuraVida event
photos: Wayne Thomas

I am very happy to announce that i have recently moved to Starboard/Tushingham my new sponsors

I've enjoyed a couple of good sessions this winter in strong wind and wave conditions in Devon and Wales on the Rock sails and my new Quad 81 which i'm having a lot of fun with. It's had great feedback all over the world and it's been interesting feeling it out for myself, especially as a surfer. It feels great; so little effort to fly around the place, such a nicely balanced shape to cruise out through the break however rippy or gusty, and get fast quickly to jump higher with ease! Taking a few beatings at logo high Woolacombe a few weeks ago i seemed to cheat the weather, floating into position to take my pick of the waves. While it didnt take long to get comfy and just sail, it is different; so drivy and it can really flow or power through turns like a surfboard. I found i was generating more speed than i expected wherever i was on the wave and just started going for more stuff, sailing better without thinking about it! I know already now during 2010 it will help improve my level.
The 'Rock's felt nice providing smooth power and going so neutral instantly on demand. I'm looking forward to getting hold of the new sail designs in 2010 which is very exciting. Also the Aeron booms are stunning. If you're in the Bristol area get in touch with Rich and Nick at Windsurfer's World to have a chat about all the gear.

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