Monday, 27 June 2011

Gallery update: North coast Cornwall May

Hit the link to my galleries. There's a few sequences. One of those fun days scoring so many waves where you need to neck a litre of water straight after. Everyone was going off! 5.3/84

One from a Marazion day, more to come for that album

Sunday, 26 June 2011


I have signed up with k3designs. They support the SWA and had me try out one of their masts. Bring on the 400 Battlestick. We lucked in with demanding and fun sessions on the Cornish north coast over the last couple of months. Right from the get-go my rig felt lively, powerful yet light, nice and springy and responsive.

Recreational sailors, or those that arent yet using high carbon content masts, if you value your time on the water and you've already invested a lot of yourself into windsurfing, and in your kit, a 100% carbon mast could be the most important part of all your gear in terms of you being able to stop thinking too much about your sail in difficult or gusty condtions and enjoy concentrating more on the feel of your board at speed.

K4 fins

Steve Thorp is getting great feedback from many team riders. It was a while before i clocked up a few sessions to be able to give him anything informative. Like them i did...they are as good as you hear..
Some great stuff on his website, and have you seen Graham Ezzy's one-handed taka yet?

Tenerife, testing summer 2010 album

SWA Bristol and UWE event, March

So out of another freezing UK winter as luck would have it the march weekend of Bristol and University of West England's SWA event wasn't cold at all! I hope my water and land coaching for the advanced clinic helped! It was a lot of fun with such a great turnout of all levels.

Monday, 13 June 2011

Boom, relaunch!

Over a year on since posting, despite generally poor conditions again this winter gone there have been great sessions on home water, just seems we're getting them as some sort of late Easter gift. During the 2010 summer while testing for Windsurf magazine in Tenerife I decided to go completely my own way with which boards and sails I would ride...

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