Saturday, 8 May 2010

boardseeker write-up link

Use the link above to check out Steve King's nice little boardseeker write-up of a great session at Godrevy where many sailors from all over ripped it up all day long in the sunshine.

Monday, 3 May 2010

Gwithian /Godrevy action yesterday

What a nice result for the bank holiday weekend... sun, wind and waves!

Sunday proved to be the best day going from 15 upto around 18 knts by late afternoon. Small but fun and the cool north-north easterly wind didnt feel cold at all with such powerful sun and around 10 degrees C air and sea. Powered up on the new 5.2 Rock and Quad 81 i got a few decent waves and some jumping was on too. So good... Everyone was pretty much on it all day! Knackered!

Mathew Burridge has an album (copy the link above) featuring the many that enjoyed the session, i've also got a few from the day so watch this space...

Bath Windskate

During such a generally windless and waveless autumn '09 - spring '10 it was nice to come out of the cold! With a flat sea and lots of work to get done during week two of my Easter holidays at least it had got warm and sunny! Getting on the rowing machine in the back garden kept me sane... Once again time to pack my life-belongings in my car and head back to Bath.

My new sails had arrived which i picked up on my way, and inspired by my friend Charlie who's into his photography and happens to live in a very scenic part of town, on that large and slightly hungover weekend two weeks ago i couldnt resist seeing what the new Rock was like for myself.

photos: Charlie Ranscombe
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