Friday, 13 November 2009

autumn catch up and Windsurfer International article: 'fit to sail'

Finally! A few minutes to post some news.
Hope everyone scores decent wind this weekend around UK. I put off having an awkward wisdom tooth out twice to go away sailing, so am now forced into a weekend just chilling for a change, bagga!

here's what i've been upto:

Look out for upcoming Windsurf International magazine. Dan Cossins, of Body Development in Bath, and I are running a strength series. I've been training hard when i can and it's been great working with someone at the top of their field to make it as effective as possible.

here it is!

Marazion stunt fest last weekend!
Always nice to get down at the weekend on a big forecast and sail with the boys! (Even if it did mean lesson planning fri and sat night! Fully knackering every day of every week!) Some sun sunday made up for truly horrible weather and light all saturday, scuppering some would-be-excellent action shots from Splashography.

Strong side/side-on with no where to hide from mast+half to 2x mast high N coast was a stunning sight, but frustratingly a no go. Would have been 10seconds adrenaline for an hour of punishment, or worse...

Cornwall Classic. Handily for me slotting into half term week many of us got some good freesailing and stunning clean head high surf in the days leading upto the event. Giwthian and particularly Godrevy provided the goods for a more-than-worthy contest which finished off the 4 nations year. The tour had seen the best conditions ever and the top guys battled it out all the way to the finish...

photo: JC /boardseeker as ever covering them all with great photo and vid work.

For me I sailed better on day 2 flowing more, forcing less, and got more speed and better turns.

I finish the year 12th Overall, which i'm happy with considering the company above me.

By the way, dont know if i should be keeping it on the down-low! but the latest Gul Windsurf suit in development is seriously good, building on superb current and recent windsurf and surf suits, and should be fully pimp too! Gold bling.

I'll have some big news on kit soon, stay tuned.


Tiree Wave Classic 09. Mangaed to organise the week to do it around full time Uni/school committments. Sam Neil and i missed our heats! Long story... But at least we arrived on the island in time for one day at least of great wind and waves. We sessioned it hard! Following on everyone had a couple of fun days surfing. What can you say its all about the craic.

Coll Challenge triathlon was a great day. With 3rd in run, 7th on bike (didn't go well!) I had to settle for 4th place finish. I was happy with a 3rd in the SUP final with some experienced SUP-ers!

photos: JC/Tiree Waveclassic


National windsurfing festival. A great success, so many people on one beach! (That wasn't your average day at Hayling was it?!) We lucked in with planing condtions all day on big kit and i qualified for the night race. I managed not to come last. At least if you were so underpowered you could sneak off downwind in pitch black on your return. The Boat crews did a great job we got to fly around the place with glow sticks attached to ourselves. Fun in the dark!

I was on the judging team for national windsurf freestyle champs. No planing wind but great lightwind competing from the youths and a few older youths! Brighton rocked!

Gower, S Wales, day trip one weekend turned out good, 4.4 in chunky waves. Gonna try and get there more often!

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