Monday, 20 October 2008

soulsurfs, feet ups, beers out and stolen kit!

Nick Moffatt Surfing With intentions of putting some news up a couple of weeks back i've just got around to it!...
Well, september here this year turned out to be winter come early. I heard last year fuerte saw lots of wind, this year was all about the surfing. Several decent size and long period swells hit seemingly week after week. And when i say winter, anyone that's been here during this time knows that the temperature only drops a little and gradually! I only used my summer wetsuit the other day and was still too warm...Some rain here and there to keep things interesting but still mostly very sunny! I dont have any epic surf shots of those ripping to put up here yet but no doubt i will soon. There were a couple of stand-and-watch parts of the day for msyelf and others where those brave enough were carving up doubleoverhead fast rides over very shallow and harsh reef at one of the northshore spots.

I've had varying levels of windsurf group and we've had enough wind here and there for everyone to learn or improve techniques and have fun. There's also been some great conditions for surfers in the early stages.
Nick Moffatt Surfing fins first
Into October and i have to admit there's been a few days where i'm missing cornwall's beaches and sailing with the guys there at this time of year! I hear there's been wind and waves; as nice as i have it hear its always a bummer to miss it at home! Hope you've been getting it good fellas...
I couldnt make Tiree this year due to work, wish i'd been there so had to follow the action on boardseeker online...Good craic and some conditions you dont want to miss!

>bit of fun messing around during guest's lunch break! >

I had my boardbag stolen off the school trailer mid morning a couple of weeks ago containing 1 board -95 'one'- an extension/base and 2 booms, gutted! Word is spread around fast out here but not heard a thing since...

Nick Moffatt Windsurfing
Luckily there's been some decent sessions here and there to distract myself from this stuff. Routine is tricky with every day at work being different, which is really nice! and the odd nights out just happen all over the place, some bigger than others! Its a hard life! So far most days i've been doing things to keep myself in check, fitting in at least half of my training plan and feeling the benefits...

We had our first taste of winter sailing with some strong wind days around the north, and further south at a less sailed and more localised spot where Ritchie and I scored long walling logo high sideshore at the end of a day til dark...had been in need of a special session like that!

Nick Moffatt windsurfing back-to-front

A week wednesday i take my first holiday, a week off where i'm joing a friend Ewan for the Madeira to Gran Canria leg of his yacht journey from South Coast England to Sydney! Hopefully it will all go smoothly (Secretly hoping for wind and waves-likely!- but then what have i let myself in for?! Reckon he's good at teaching crewing on the job so lets see how it goes...!)
thanks to Hugo Valente for photos

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