Tuesday, 23 December 2008

extreme holidays bust!

Sunset at Rocky Point, no wind dusk surf

I flew back to England just over a week ago, after a short time stuck on the rock suddenly jobless and jeepless! Bad timing for many who’ve suffered redundancy with a uk company going into administration, it’s a little quiet there too on the job front, so from expecting to be there at least one whole year now the current thing is make new plans…With any luck I’ll land a job somewhere in the world, watch this space! It was quite bizzare, weekly checking the alarming headlines on the papers at the airport and eventually the downturn hit us too.

above- sunset at Rocky Point, no wind dusk surf.
below- Caleta de Fuste

Caleta de Fuste

We were still busy as ever with numbers of guests kiting, surfing and windsurfing still at a normal level and on a positive note all the schools on the island still have plenty of custom. It is a great place to go all through the year! Also it’s not too over- touristy, with plenty to do and explore. From limited information I’ve got it just seems the like rising costs in every part of the holiday was hurting us over recent months–although fuel is cheap on Fuerte with the amount the jeeps use it makes a big difference. To carry on would have needed a bigger increase in sales than we could hope for and cater for with spaces and kit. The rapidly falling pound against the Euro finished the company off during November. The whole thing wasn’t official til recently and there are still people going out having a great time with a few for whom Fuerte is home –contact Richie- and also out to Davos, Switzerland for snow with the guys there -contact Donnie. For anyone booked the Extreme website has a number to contact. I would encourage anyone keen -booked or not -to still head on out and have a wicked holiday whatever your sport with great guys!
0041 797661658 -Donnie and 0034 630104778 -Richie

Chris checking out the West Coast viewPunta

Photos: chris, apart from above of him - checking out the West Coast view. The drive to Cofete is worth a trip!
Punta below.

Big shout out to all the crew! Hopefully things will work out good in the end for everyone. Many memorable sessions in the water and at the bar!
My mate Chris came out for a week of kiting and boozing which was around this time We got a couple of good flag beach sessions and couple elsewhere. He tends to go all out when he gets back from offshore, deciding it would be great fun to buy four bottles of whisky one after the next plus mixer for the team at the last bbq. The partying went off the scale for everyone. Thanks to those that helped us out!
We had a few days of some good size swell and bits of strong wind here and there to play with.
During the windless days each surf was special as for many it would be the last together for a while!


My timing was good for driving out to France with the family for Christmas in the snow! Hadnt been for a while so extra special to go. Brrrrr!
Happy Christmas!

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