Sunday, 14 December 2008

surf missions

photos : Laura

ant and alex decided hugo had been taking too many waves and it was time for a mass drop in!

from right to left

hugo, alex, me, ant

team extreme party wave sequence!<

>Alex ripping>

The lineup was a lot more hectic than it looks! We were there soon after dawn and had a few good waves each - i had my longest and most perfect wave ever! felt like playing playstation! - but within half an hour it was packed with locals and the game soon became how to not get dropped in on and to actually get a wave! Didnt get much...
This is a well known wave off fuerte, used to be ok but is just too rammed now when its good.

I managed to land on a rock on my ass not making my takeoff a little too deep and lost a fin at the end of a good wave staying on too long and taking another minor rinse!
Best morning surf in ages...
...And late in the day shared majanicho in easterly wind on 5.0 goya wave3d with slightly bigger waves, with only 2 others, squeezing as much daylight out of it before it seemed too dodgy with the fair amount of current! Best transfer day at work of the season!
Nick moffatt signing out.

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